Chronicle of the layout and the set up of the booth MADE IN ITALY WEDDING at wedding fair in Luxembourg on the occasion of the opening of the new office.

The first question I asked myself - see the previous post - was: "What wedding fair should I attend?” Due to the recent opening of the new office in Luxembourg,  it was logical to choose the Wedding Fair of Luxembourg.

Once signed the agreement, I have consulted the archive of pictures on the FaceBook profile of the fair to better understand what the mood of the event was (I had obviously visited the fair, previous year) and to see the booths of the competitors as well as potential partners - this is helpful to understand how to stand out, how to be different from the others and, therefore, more visible.

During the stand planning, also, I asked myself :

- What I want to communicate? The wedding planner offers a 360 degree service and for this reason I decided to share the space in different corners: the table of the bride and the groom, the table of the desserts, a corner with the favors and further purely decorative corners.

- Which style? Being Luxembourg a rather conservative country, I preferred to present not too extreme themes - like the Hippie or Green - but trendy themes that had the elegance as a common thread, as the Golden and Shabby Chic. I created therefore a mood-board which, together with pictures of the furniture / objects I wanted to use, addressed the flower design and floral cake design for the flower decoration and for the sweets table. Usually,  when a create the layout for a wedding,  I initially draw an illustration to show the client my idea of the organization and the decoration of the spaces.  I did the same while planning the booth at the wedding fair: I drew the plan of the booth to check if the previewed corners would have enough space, a colored drawing of the front to see if the first impression would have been enough catchy and the representation of each thematic corners. They were helpful also to people who have helped me during the set up of the space.

- Which "activities" I want to pursue? Surely I wanted interact with potential clients transmitting them my enthusiasm that led me to start this job and I wanted to have the possibility to sit down with them, quietly, to show the photographic albums with my projects and to chat with them, that’s why I also I arranged a small table with two (golden!) chairs offering small cakes to my interlocutors.

 Once I’ve decided the mood and the layout of the space, I wondered:
- Which items / furniture at my disposal and which I’ve to buy or rent? For example, the transport of the original golden Chiavarine chairs from Italy would have been quite difficult, so I found a local supplier who rent golden Napoleon chairs.
- How to make special a standard booth, respecting the rules imposed by the organizer? The walls of a fair booth are very basic and generally nothing can be stuck on the walls, so I researched a nice wallpaper to cover them up (making my space more stylish), I devised a system to display the frameworks on the walls and, since there wasn’t a a ceiling, I also designed a suspension system of the different elements (such as the fountain of tea cups and floating shabby chic candles). I also hid the top part of the walls with a tulle drapery;  a flowers arrangement and vintage objects placed on the floor (a column of old suitcases column and a welcome framework on a golden easel) framed the entire booth. The flower designer created a beautiful flowered steamer framing the top of the stand .
The choice of outfits (one for each day) that would have express my personality completed the planning process.


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